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Maths Teacher (Learning Game for Elementary School Kids)

4.5 ( 7065 ratings )
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Developer: Nexscience LLC.
3.99 USD

This app helps your elementary school kids practice mental maths skills in a funny way through basket ball.

* The app gives a maths challenge to the kids. Kids can choose Add, Subtract or Multiplication game.

* For each question, if they answer correctly, the ball goes to the basket and they score a point. If they answer incorrectly, the ball is missed and they dont score a point.

* At the end kids get a trophy based on their score.

* The collection of trophies are stored so they can show it to parents and boast their collection to other friends.

The app thus creates a motivation for kids to collect trophies by doing more quizes, collecting more trophies and showing to their parents and boast their scores to other friends.

The app makes learning maths a fun game for kids.